Aviation Photography by Aircraft Photographer Dave Koch- Aero Media

Steering the flight path in aviation photography, Aero Media delivers unparalleled services in capturing the grandeur of aircraft. Master Photographer Dave Koch is an esteemed figure in the realm of aircraft photography, with a career spanning over thirty years that has taken him from the decks of military carriers to the opulent cabins of private jets. Our mastery lies not just in a snapshot but in immortalizing the soul of each aircraft we encounter.


At Aero Media, our journey in each project begins with a collaborative spirit, perfectly synchronizing with airplane brokers and private jet sellers who seek unparalleled excellence for their visual needs. As dedicated aviation photographers, we pride ourselves on being reliable and innovative, capturing the majestic essence of your aircraft with every click of our cameras. We understand the intricacies of photographing aircraft, from mastering camera settings to achieving the perfect shutter speed, ensuring that every image is a testament to our artistic vision and technical prowess.

Our team, deeply interested in aviation, brings a unique perspective to aircraft photography. We specialize in dynamic shots of moving subjects, whether it’s a ground-based image exuding power and grace or an air-to-air photograph capturing the freedom of flight. Our expertise extends beyond static displays to the vibrant world of in-flight photography, where precision and timing are key. This passion for detail is evident in our work, as we create images that resonate with luxury and speak volumes of your aircraft’s character.

Choosing Aero Media means entrusting your vision to a team of passionate professionals, led by the renowned and award-winning aviation photographer, Dave Koch. Our work is a blend of artistic innovation and technical expertise, from adjusting camera settings for fast-moving subjects to capturing the serene beauty of aircraft at twilight. Our commitment is to transform your aircraft into a stunning visual story that soars beyond the ordinary.

Embark on a photographic journey with Aero Media, where reliability meets creativity in the sky. We are not just taking photographs; we are capturing the legacy of aviation with each frame. Your aircraft deserves to be showcased in its full glory, and we are here to ensure that every shot is a masterpiece of aviation photography.

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