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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Ansel Adams said that a century ago. Though we humbly tread a different path, his words resonate with our own philosophy in aviation photography: intentionality is key. Every element in my images is deliberate, crafted with precision and a keen eye for detail.

In today’s highly competitive landscape, showcasing aircraft interiors requires more than just incredible design and construction. You’ve invested significant time, resources, and effort into your creations, and you deserve imagery that shows that investment off to your maximum advantage. While snapping a few shots with your iPhone or hiring an inexperienced local photographer might have sufficed in the past, you and your marketing team are no longer satisfied with mediocre results.

Enter AeroMedia. Based in the US Southwest and equipped to travel globally, AeroMedia specializes in delivering high-quality, detail-oriented imagery from a highly experienced team that will more than elevates your brand’s perceived value. Led by master photographer Dave Koch, who boasts over 30 years of experience in luxury, architectural, and interior design photography, the AeroMedia team ensures your images are nothing short of exceptional.

Dave Koch’s photographic life has been intertwined with aviation almost from the get-go. Harking back to the swinging 60s, his childhood was painted against the backdrop of Edwards AFB in the California desert, where his father was stationed (he designed solid rocket fuel). Those pioneering days of space flight are etched in his mind – walking the flight line, gazing at the majestic X-15 and the imposing XB-70, gleaming blindingly white in the summer sun.

Fast forward to his stint as a news photographer on California’s Central Coast where he was the go-to photog for covering all the buzz at Vandenberg AFB. From heart-pounding flights on the vomit comet to refueling B-1’s over New Mexico; from standing on the skids of a Huey in flight to documenting an array of Minuteman, Atlas, and Titan launches from the US’s western test range, Dave was right there, first in line to capture it all. Along the way, he even earned the Vandenburgs’ elusive “Order of the Furber Basket”, a badge of honor revered among insiders.


Private Jet Photographer


Admittedly, Dave didn’t set out to make a career out of photographing aircraft, but fate had other plans. Sometimes in life, you find yourself precisely where you’re meant to be, and for Dave Koch, that’s in the cockpit with his camera, capturing the awe-inspiring world of aviation.

With his myriad of experiences shooting aerospace projects, it took him no time to recall his absolute favorite. “Flying back-seat with the Blue Angels,” he remembers without batting an eye. “Flying out of NAS Moffett Field and seeing the Bay Area from an F/A-18 is an experience you will never forget.”

When it comes to choosing a photographer for your aircraft and facilities, options abound. What sets Dave Koch and AeroMedia apart isn’t just their passion for aviation or their extensive experience; it’s their steady, unwavering focus on reliability, consistency, and image excellence. Working with Dave isn’t just a transaction; it’s a journey marked by his dedication to a collaborative process. “But,” he adds, “my ultimate aspiration is to always be the first-choice photographer for those seeking the highest quality images of their aircraft and facilities.”

AeroMedia’s central approach is an unwavering commitment to working closely with the designer or builder to capture their creation. Through close collaboration and a comprehension of each project’s intricacies, AeroMedia consistently captures the essence of the designer’s vision, thus showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication that goes into the most pivotal projects.


If you would like to learn a little bit more about me, please read this about what made me become an aircraft photographer.

Dave Koch

Private Jet Photographer / Editor


Private Jet Photography

Interior Photography

High-quality, multi-exposure interior images of your business jet. With or without staging. We set up and light interior spaces to make them look their best.

3D Virtual Tours

We can do both Matterport and non-proprietary 3D virtual tours of your aircraft. Contact us to learn about the differences..

Exterior Photography

Of course you will want to see exteriors…. but in the ground or in the air? Want something very special, let’s do a twilight image!

Aircraft Videography

Video on the ground or in the air. We can shoot your crew prepping and boarding your plane, just the aircraft, or your plane in flight.

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