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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Ansel Adams said that a century ago. I am certainly no Ansel Adams, but he is definitely an influence. And what he says about making a photograph is very definitely how I approach my craft of aviation photography; everything in my images is intentional.

Just as no two planes are the same, the needs of no two customers match up, either. My first step in making an image is understanding those needs. Planning my sessions begins there. How much (if any) staging is required? Will we shoot in a hangar or outside? In the air on on the ground? Video or still. These are all the basis for a shoot.

Once we know where you are going, we make it happen. Need us in Dallas on the 23rd? We’re there. Is the only time you have available for the shoot between 4 and 6 am? We’ll make that happen. You are busy and your time is valuable you shouldn’t be waiting on your photographer.

You will find my work a major step up from most aviation photographers. That is a result of my background in photographing luxury properties, and my focus on clean, even, and consistent composition and lighting. But it is also because I love making good images, and I care about my photography. And that shows in every image I make.

So let’s get together and make some great images.

Aircraft Photographer


I have had a love of photography as long as I can remember…. my career as a professional aviation photographer began as a news photographer in the mid 1980’s. My interest in aviation predates that by a decade. Like many of my generation, I sat transfixed to a black and white tv the night of July 20th 1969.  My shared fascination of photography with a love of aviation have progressed along parallel paths ever since.

Today, as one of Utah’s preeminent architecture photographers, I have had to shoot high-end buildings with a great degree of accuracy in both color and detail. After winning 7 Best of State awards for my photography, I reason I have gotten quite good in my style, approach and methods. This is what I bring to aircraft photography that many other photographers can’t: images  that are at the same time aesthetically pleasing and accurate in terms of representations of their subjects.

If you would like to learn a little bit more about me, please read this about what made me become an aircraft photographer.

David Koch

Photographer / Editor


private jet photographer.

Interior Photography

High-quality, multi-exposure interior images of your business jet. With or without staging. We set up and light interior spaces to make them look their best.

3D Virtual Tours

We can do both Matterport and non-proprietary 3D virtual tours of your aircraft. Contact us to learn about the differences..

Exterior Photography

Of course you will want to see exteriors…. but in the ground or in the air? Want something very special, let’s do a twilight image!

Aircraft Videography

Video on the ground or in the air. We can shoot your crew prepping and boarding your plane, just the aircraft, or your plane in flight.

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