Charter Aircraft Photography

Charter Aircraft Photography

When you run a charter aircraft company, or are an aviation broker, your photography needs are a bit different. You need to sell not only the aircraft, but your company. The best way to do that is with professional images. Realtors I have worked with used to say they didn’t hire me to sell this home, but to get their next client. You need the same foresight.

Clean, bright, natural, and- most importantly- professional images are what boost the perception of your company on the internet. When I shot for the luxury vacation rental market, we regularly see a 40-60% increase in nights rented when owners upgrade their photography. That’s 20 more nights a year income… an incredible ROI based on one single factor if you think about it. And it’s a factor you can do something about today…. and see results in less than two weeks.

Your website is representing your company online 24/7, and the images you have on your site do most of the talking. Those images are the single most important factor clients use when deciding whether to do business with you. Are your images presenting your company the way you want your company seen (and judged)?

Your photography is a factor you can easily take control of today…. With a minimum of cost and time invested. Upgraded images will refresh your online presence and it will pay you back for years to come. Because stunning images are what sets you apart and sells your charters.

Shoot Info

  • Time On Site : 2-4 hours
  • Images Returned : 10-20
  • Turn-Around Time : 1-2 Weeks
  • Location : Will Travel

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