Aircraft Photographer Dave Koch

Aircraft Photographer Dave Koch

Aircraft Photographer Dave Koch

Hey there! I’m a bit of an aviation and photography enthusiast, to put it mildly. I’ve had some incredible moments capturing the essence of US aeronautics – from the thunderous launches of MX and Titan rockets to the graceful formations of the Thunderbirds and the exhilaration of flying with the Blue Angels.

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I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a few accolades along the way, like the Order of the Ferber-Basket at Vandenburg and the Falcon Bite at D-M in Tucson. It’s been a wild ride, including the honor of watching the space shuttle touchdown at Edwards AFB.

When I’m not chasing aircraft, I’m known for my architectural photography in Utah. I’ve snagged seven Best of State awards so far. My approach? Bringing out the life in buildings with striking detail and color, which surprisingly works wonders with aircraft too.

On a personal level, I also spend a lot of my time shooting pictures. Its a curse. Beyond that, I have a beautiful wife and a super talented daughter. We love travel and fine food. And wine. We have been to Bordeaux a few times, and Napa is like a second home. I also enjoy living where I live. Utah has a wide and profound range of landscapes, and we all enjoy going out into the wilderness and living in the massive outdoors.

I’m all about combining my love for all things airborne with my photography skills to help your project soar. If you’re looking for images that capture the spirit of flight, I’m your guy. Let’s chat and make something amazing together.

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